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Unpaid community fees are a common issue facing any Community of Owners in Spain.

Communities can recover unpaid fees in court.

We are of the understanding that this is the most competitive charging structure in the Spanish collections market.

Free debt recovery at court

There is no cost to the community.

You will not be asked to pay any charges or fees where the debt is equal or less than 2.000 €

The debtor will pay for the court fees of the collection.

We don't make litigation and expensive option.

Spanish legislation empowers us to provide a true no cost debt recovery solution to communities of all sizes across Spain.

Last legislation

A debt may be statute barred (too old to pursue) because the legislation places a limit on the time a creditor has to take legal action to recover a debt.

Time limits within which a community cannot pursue a legal action to recover debts are set out in section 1964 of the Spanish Civil Code.

The limits of recovering debt are after the end of five years from the date the debt became due.

Debt collection statutory limitations serves as an attribute for the default collection of time-framed debts and the acts, defining the same frames.

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Instruct us

The process of instructing us is really quite straightforward, you'll be pleased to hear.

Once you have a delinquent owner in your community, you need to follow these steps:

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“The vast majority of Communities in Spain holds just only one AGM per year. We recommend to hold a special one every trimester approving the debt settlement due to the community ”